In 2018 Rogue Chimera Films produced a short film that was loosely based on the story for The Father of Lies. The short is titled just "Father of Lies" and screened at several film festivals before being released in 2019.

"Father of Lies" is a short fantasy-horror story based on Viking mythology. Set in both the present and the past, the tale unmasks the Norse gods for the cruel beings they are and illustrates that the line between what is good and evil is often blurred.

On Odin's orders, Thor, Balder, and Tyr have kidnapped Loki and Sigyn's three children and have locked them away to prevent them from fulfilling their destiny.

In a fit of rage over the loss of his family, Loki murders Odin's favorite son Balder. As punishment, he is bound to a tree on Earth with the keys to his children's prisons dangling just out of reach.

There he will stay hidden from the eyes of mankind until the trees lose their memory of Balder...

Thousands of years later, Caleb and his girlfriend Rachel bring their children Ashley and Rick into the woods to hunt for a rare floral specimen.

When they discover an unfortunate man tied to a tree, they have no idea what horrors they are about to unleash.



 Producer - Lowrie Fawley

Director - Shiva Rodriguez

Screenwriters - Shiva Rodriguez & D. Duckie Rodriguez

Production Manager - Sandra Nye

Assistant Director - Steven Cardona

Director of Photography - Philip Kral

Camera Operator - Manny Serrano

Drone Operators - D. Duckie Rodriguez & Philip Kral

2nd Unit Cinematographer - Olivier Wagenheim

Audio - Brian Neris

Set Design - Lowrie Fawley & Christian St. John

Costume Design - Shiva Rodriguez

Special Effects Makeup - Nicole Sweeney

Special Effects Props - Shiva Rodriguez

Special Effects Assistant - Austin Sweeney

Prop Fabrication - Olivier Wagenheim & D. Duckie Rodriguez

Stunt Choreographer - D. Duckie Rodriguez

Editor - Manny Serrano

Trailer Editor -  Garo Nigoghossian

Music Composer - Mike Hall

Additional Music - Dylan Mixer

Craft Services / Catering - Virginia Jasper

Production Assistants - Racine Hippensteel & Dustin Mueller

Producing Company - Rogue Chimera Films LLC

Associate Companies - Siren Productions Media & Mass Grave Pictures


Virginia Jasper

Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park

Garo Nigoghossian

Tim Russell / TR Forge

Paige Stewart

Scott Sullivan

Olivier Wagenheim  


The Magic of Horror
December 2019

Grindhouse Cinema Film Festival
August 2019

Cinema Soup Festival
June 2019

Brightside Tavern Short Film Series
March 2019

Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival
December 2018

Spooky Empire Film Festival
October 2018

Shawna Shea Film Festival
October 2018

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