The Father of Lies feature-length screenplay was written by award-winning screenwriters Shiva Rodriguez and D. Duckie Rodriguez, who are known for penning unique original stories and memorable characters.

This fantastical horror story brings the old Norse gods on a collision course with modern humans in an unexpected setting.

The screenplay was recently awarded "Best Horror Feature Screenplay" in the Grim North Screenplay Festival's winter 2019 season.


On the All-Father Odin's orders, The Trickster God's three monstrous children have been kidnapped and locked away to prevent them from fulfilling their destiny.

In a fit of rage over the loss of his family, Loki murders Odin's favorite son Balder. As punishment, he is bound to a tree on Earth with the keys to his children's prisons dangling just out of reach.

There he will stay hidden from the eyes of mankind until the trees lose their memory of Balder...

Many years later, Henrick, a Norwegian immigrant living in Florida, finds the mysterious artifacts hanging in a tree on his property.  He gives them as gifts to his three grandchildren, unaware that they are the very keys to Ragnarok and that Loki will stop at nothing to retrieve them.

As Loki terrorizes the human family in order to reunite his own, the gods Thor, Heimdall, and Tyr are sent to stop him. They soon learn that Loki is not the only one who has been telling stories that shape the fate of both mankind and the gods themselves.


LOKI - The Trickster God who is skilled in magic.

ODIN - The All-Father, king of the gods.

FRIGG - Odin's wife and goddess of marriage.

BALDER - God of goodness and Odin's favorite son.

TYR - God of justice.

THOR - God of thunder and Asgard's greatest warrior.

HEIMDALL - The Watcher who guards the gates of Asgard.

HEL - Goddess of death and Loki's daughter.

SIGYN - Loki's wife.

FREYA - Goddess of beauty and fertility.

FREY - God of agriculture.

HENRICK - A Norwegian immigrant who settled his family in Florida.

EVA - Henrick's wife.

LARS - Henrick's adult son who has adopted very conservative values.

JANICE - Lars' wife.

LYDIA - Lars' oldest daughter who was forced into an unhappy marriage.

STYLES - Lars' rebellious son who despises his father.

CAITLIN - Lars' youngest child who adores the stories her grandfather tells from his homeland. 

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