The Father of Lies feature-length film is tentatively scheduled to go into production in the Spring of 2021 in Central Florida.

This low-budget production combines the skills of a small army of volunteers to bring the Norse gods to life and let them wreck havoc on an unsuspecting family.

The Father of Lies will be produced by Lowrie Fawley and directed by Shiva Rodriguez. A few of the members of the cast and crew from the original short film will also be returning to work on the feature film.

We are partially-financed, so over the course of 2020 we will be holding several fundraisers to help fill out the budget for this film.  We'll be doing things like auctions, raffles, events, and yes, even the dreaded crowd-funding campaign. (But with a theme like Norse mythology, you just know that we'll be coming up with some really interesting perks for it!)

Please see our Fundraisers Page to see what we're up to now.

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