Monday, February 26, 2018

Remembering The Gods - Loki

Loki the Trickster.

In recent years he has been portrayed as half-villain and half-hero Frost Giant, but always looking for what's best for himself. Arrogant, deceitful, and always grasping for power.

But was the Sly One always so bad?

The old tales tell of an outcast god who lived among the AEsir but was never considered to be one of them. His cleverness and skills in magic were more often than not used to benefit the other gods, even at great pain and humiliation to himself.

Who could blame such a being for looking for acceptance and finally finding it by becoming a husband and father?

Monday, February 19, 2018

Remembering The Gods - Thor

Thor, the famous God of Thunder.

Nowadays when his name is mentioned it brings up images of a handsome blonde man with shining armor, a magical hammer, and a tendency to be a hero and protect mankind.

But that's not how people saw him back in the day.

The Thunderer was quite fearsome and always ready to pound the someone to a pulp with his hammer and ask questions later.  Found of mead, food, women, and fighting, this brute of a god was a very far cry from how people think of him today.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Remembering The Gods - Odin

Odin, the All-Father. Modern day versions of Odin portray him as a wise, kind, and benevolent ruler of Asgard.

But seriously, does that sound like the kind of god that Vikings would respect?

Legends tell us that he sacrificed an eye in order to know the future. How heavy the burden of knowing what the future holds must be! One might even try to prevent the inevitable, even if it means doing some truly nasty things.