Loki (D. Duckie Rodriguez) begins to spiral out of control.

Ashley (Michelle Nunez) and Rachel (Lowrie Fawley) witness a horrible event.

Thor (Steven Cardona), Balder (Jonathan Foster), and Tyr (Garith Pettibone) receive their marching orders.

Rachel and Caleb (Avid Pauley) discover something strange in the woods.

Loki contemplates his grim situation.

Ashley finds herself face-to-face with Hel (Kinsey Krutzler), the young goddess of death.

Odin (Bob Glazier) tries to prevent the fall of the gods.

Rick (Blayze Hippensteel) meets Loki in human form.

Sigyn (Shiva Rodriguez) protects her children while defying Odin's will.

Loki  seeks the keys that will reunite him with his children.

Loki taunts Tyr, the god of war and justice.

Brothers Thor, Tyr, and Balder get to work on the large task the All-Father gave them.

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