Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Remembering The Gods - Sigyn

Sigyn, Loki's dutiful wife.

We don't hear of her much nowadays, as Loki has become known as a handsome villain (or anti-hero) that doesn't seem to do well in relationships. When she is mentioned in contemporary books, it's often as a woman who fawns all over her husband and gets to be quite annoying.

But what kind of woman would be married to the likes of Loki?

The old myths always portray Sigyn as being completely devoted to Loki, being the only one of the AEsir who was so obviously in love with the Jotunn among them. But she was an AEsir, and that would hardly make her a delicate little flower.  While some tales claim that Loki wasn't the greatest husband in the world, how would he really feel about a woman who accepted him for who he was and made such great efforts to comfort him in his times of need?

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